Thursday, 3 May 2007

More questions

Okay. So we said that plans for Roald Dahl Day were top-top secret. But this is between friends, eh? You're not going to tell anybody, are you?

So what have we got in mind? Well, one thing which has got us scratching our heads here at RDDHQ is a scrumdiddlyumptious Roald Dahl quiz being planned for the big day on 13 September. We all know that Roald's favourite colour was yellow and that his dog was called Chopper and stuff like that... but if you were organising a BFG-size quiz for Roald Dahl fans around the world, the questions would have to be a little tougher than that! Such a quiz would need some of the most cunning, fiendishly difficult questions known only to Professors in Matilda Wormwood Studies, otherwise it would be no fun. Which is why we're looking for your help... we'd love to hear any of your own Roald Dahl questions for the quiz. Just don't forget to send the answers, just in case!

And if you're looking forward to joining in the quiz come Roald Dahl Day, don't forget to keep your eyes peeled on the website for more details...

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outfitcrazy22 said...

Well,hurray iv been waiting for thursday to come and im really exited about it.I cant wait for the day to come.The BFG book was my favourite book from Roald Dahl.Roald Dahl is my favourite book writer.I have got all his books.The quiz will be amazing i think